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  1. 601 
Flokencia Estiverne
    601 Flokencia Estiverne
    This girl, we believe, was born 2014 and is an orphan. She receives food, medicine, and love.
  2. 624
 Myderson Civil
    624 Myderson Civil
    This little guy was born January 2, 2015. He is in the out patient program still receiving food and love.
  3. 635 
Angeline Jean Pierre
    635 Angeline Jean Pierre
    This little gal is in the out patient program. She was born September 27, 2017.
  4. 636 
Anaika Joseph
    636 Anaika Joseph
    This girl was born October 24, 2017 and is receiving 24/7 care.
  1. 637 
Naisson Pierre Louis
    637 Naisson Pierre Louis
    This little guy with the big eyes was born August 21, 2017. He is getting 24/7 care and likes to eat.
  2. 642 
Sephora Blanc
    642 Sephora Blanc
    This girl was born July 22, 2017. She is thriving and getting chubby.
  3. 647 
Lea Joseph
    647 Lea Joseph
    Don't let the "ladies man" shirt fool you. This little girl was born May of 2018. Her weight is just 3.18 KG. She is in 24/7 care with Solace.
  4. 643  Lousmika  Wagnac
    643 Lousmika Wagnac
    This gal is a sweetie pie! She was born August 11, 2016 and just came to Solace this past May. She is thriving and likes her food very much.
  1. 649 
John Kerry 
    649 John Kerry Lanaud
    This little guy is not a politician, but has a very cool attitude. We don't have a birth date for him and was admitted to Solace June of 2018. He is gaining weight and doing ok.
  2. 651 
    651 Robert Noncent
    This boy is in the out patient program and gets food, love, and medical care.
  3. 652 
    652 Betchalie Lerissaint
    This gal is an in-patient, and hopefully, some yummy food and hugs will help her gain weight.
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