Our children for sponsorship.
     We took that leap of faith on June 15,2016 with Solace 24/7 in-patient care, doing what Hope Alive Clinic has already been doing (and more) as an out-patient facility for 18 years.  Malnourished babies are fed 4-5x daily, getting physical therapy and bathed 3x daily. Babies come to Solace with orange hair, swollen bellies, lethargic, apathetic, very underweight, and unable to walk (even 3-year olds).  

     After a few weeks of love and lots of food, they smile, play, crawl, and many begin walking. Soon they gain enough weight to return to their homes. When a child is healthy enough to go home from Solace, he is enrolled in the Mom-Tot Program, and we continue to work with these families living in poverty.  

​     In the Mom-Tot Program, each week, they return for medical care, parent training, weight monitoring, and food to take home.