Mom Tot Program is a huge blessing to Haiti,  
where orphananges and restaveks are plentiful.
Restavecs (child slaves) are grateful to be in a home, even though they do the family's chores and don't go to school.  Orphanages are full of children with parents who love them, but couldn't afford to keep them.
Mom Tot Program helps families stay together - away from orphanages and slavery.
The Mom-Tot Program nurtures moderately to severely malnourished babies to good health.  Your baby will receive intensive treatment of medical food for his or her first 6-8 weeks in the Program.  (Often, but not always, babies joining Mom-Tot have just finished 24-hour intensive care in Solace Hospital.)  
After your child's initial 6-8 weeks in Mom-Tot, he or she will continue being monitored weekly
- receiving food, medicine, etc.  Importantly, his caregiver will continue being trained to care for him.
Most babies are ready to graduate from Mom-Tot by their third birthday.  
Mom Tot support is not a long-term commitment, but it is life-saving and life-changing
--- for only $25 a month.  You will receive a picture magnet of your mom and tot.

Prayerfully consider keeping hope alive in Haiti by keeping a family together through the Mom-Tot Program.
If you can help, please contact [email protected].